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To replace manpower by mechanical - to improve the cleaning effect, improve the ground environment
Publisher:太原市路路洁机械有限公司      Release date:2016/11/14       Clicks:10036

Floor paint is a high strength, wear resistance, beautiful ground decoration materials, with seamless, solid texture, good chemical resistance, anti-corrosion, dust, easy maintenance, low maintenance costs and so on. As the floor paint has excellent performance and decorative effect, which is widely used in factories, hospitals, schools, offices and large public places, etc., and gradually in the family decoration to promote the application.
Washing machine workshop Washing machine with a large area of ground cleaning plant cleaning
Epoxy floor can be divided into: thin coated epoxy floor, epoxy mortar floor, epoxy self-leveling floor, epoxy anti-static floor, garage ramp dedicated floor, there are other personalized products: Epoxy color sand floor, crystal color stone floor, color stone floor, epoxy marble floor, high temperature fire floor, sports floor, etc .; according to the type of thinner paint, epoxy floor paint Divided into solvent-d epoxy floor paint, solvent-free epoxy floor paint and water-d epoxy floor paint.
Epoxy floor pavement design of the basic process can be divided into:
(1) grass-roots treatment; polished loose , delamination and cement residue, so hard and smooth and increase the floor coating and the adhesion of the ground;
(2) primer construction; primer with a good roll, scratch or brush, so that the full wetting of concrete and into the concrete inner ;
(3) in the construction of the coating: the middle of the material and the appropriate amount of quartz sand mixed mixing, with a trowel trowel painted a certain thickness of the formation of dense ;
(4) Tu Tu Tu Bu: the use of surface coating with quartz powder powder coating, fill in the larger particles between the gap, fully cured with a clean sanding machine grinding, with a vacuum cleaner exhausted dust;
(5) surface coating construction: the epoxy paint and curing agent mixed evenly, can be trowel, brush, roll or spray, so that leveling smooth uniform surface.
Modern production enterprises workshop, most of the warehouse using wear-resistant floor, epoxy floor, hard cement floor, this is because it is smooth and bright, colorful, able to create a clean and bright working environment. But it is one of the biggest problems facing the user is not used for a long period of time (about a month later), due to friction, wear, pollution reasons, the floor surface soon lost the initial flat, bright Feeling, especially by a variety of small wheels, forklift tires and hard s on the ground caused by the drag and rolling, only 1-3mm thick surface of the floor will cause serious damage, and these black tires printed and scratches , It is very difficult to clean up. If the user does not have professional staff on the ground for daily cleaning cleaning maintenance, 3 months after the floor surface will be completely different, which completely contrary to the user had selected wear-resistant floor, epoxy floor or other floor of the original intention.
The solution to the above problem is to choose a special wax on the ground for waxing maintenance. As the hard wax isolated from the external factors on the ground direct contact, so that the surface of the floor to be effective protection, from the wheels, hard s, oil, acid and other substances contaminated wear and destruction, can be a long time to keep the ground Bright and bright.
Specifically for a variety of floor surface of the two wax, one is the floor of the enclosed seal wax; one is the floor to throw noodles. Floor cover for the floor waxing wax, must have a strong permeability and adhesion, good, able to fill the gap and trachoma and can effectively prevent oil, water, acid and alkali erosion; floor no throwing Wax should have a hard bright wax, anti-scratch and other properties, the current is generally the most advanced l hinge technology polymer as raw material for the characteristics of the floor and the user during the use of the ground may cause pollution and Destruction and other environmental factors and specially designed formula. Used for wear-resistant floor, epoxy floor, PVC floor, rubber floor, etc., can achieve the following results:
1, environmental protection. Floor water-free noodles An aqueous polymer emulsion, applied to the floor, the emulsion of water after 10-20 minutes after evaporation, the formation of a of transparent bright and hard film, can effectively prevent the floor paint in the formaldehyde And other harmful components of the volatile, while acid, alkali, solvents, gasoline and other petroleum products on the floor of the attack. The product has outstanding resistance to cleanliness, recoatability and releasability.
2, bright. Wear the floor after the brightness is only 35 ° or so, the user is generally not satisfied with this brightness, hoping to get a higher brightness, the use of the product brightness can be increased to 80 ° or so, can reach or close to self-leveling Epoxy floor brightness. The self-leveling epoxy floor after using wax can protect the ground, but also for a long time to maintain high brightness, generally up to 2-3 months, more importantly, re-coating can be regained the original brightness. This allows any floor to have a recoverability (without any fix).
3, hard. Wax is the most important feature. It can effectively prevent the outdoor into the room of fine gravel on the ground grinding, isolated black shoes printed and tires printed on the ground pollution, to prevent hard s on the ground scribe, the most effective protection of the surface of the floor 1-3mm effective Coating, so as to keep a long bright new.
4, the economy. 1m2 smear 2 times the cost of less than 1 yuan, a high price.
Although the use of special wax on the ground maintenance can save part of the floor maintenance costs, but the daily cleaning to adhere to the effective large-scale cleaning, need to invest a lot of manpower and resources, to save clean and maintenance of labor costs, but also enhance the cleaning effect, You can choose cleaning machines such as scrubbers and sweeping machines.

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